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Amazon music hd canada

Contact Us Privacy Policy. Amazon has introduced a new lossless audio streaming service titled "Amazon Music Unlimited HD" for those who want to experience their music at a higher quality. Amazon's Music Unlimited HD gives Amazon customers the chance to stream their favorite songs in higher definition than they would be able to on other services. HD tracks are bit audio with a sample rate of Ultra HD tracks bit audio with a sample rate of up to kHz, and an average bit rate of kilobits per second.

As Amazon points out, most streaming services only offer standard definition quality music, which reduces some of the detail in order to save on file size. Because the files are lossless, it should be noted that they are significantly larger. A standard song comes in at just around 9 megabytes, where as an HD song comes in at 50 megabytes.

An Ultra HD song comes in at megabytes, meaning that devices will be able to hold less music at higher qualities. This also means that streaming HD and Ultra HD songs will use up more of your data plan, so it's advised that people with lower data caps listen to music via Wi-Fi or download the music for offline listening later. Additionally, the quality of the music is going to be heavily dependent on how you're listening to it as well. Playing the music through low-quality speakers is going to render a low-quality result.

Apple AirPlay also supports HD quality playback. Apple reportedly taps LG to develop iPhone folding display. Apple inks animated feature films, TV series deal with Skydance Animation. Apple releases second public beta of iOS Second macOS Big Sur Toggle navigation.

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Latest News. By AppleInsider Staff 5 hours ago. By Christine McKee 5 hours ago. Apple reportedly taps LG to develop iPhone folding display 6 hours ago. Apple reportedly taps LG to develop iPhone folding display Apple has reportedly tapped LG Display to aid in the development of a foldable screen for a future iPhone, according to a new report.

By Mike Peterson 6 hours ago. By Mike Peterson 7 hours ago. By AppleInsider Staff 7 hours ago.

What are the Differences Between the Amazon Music Subscriptions?

Apple inks animated feature films, TV series deal with Skydance Animation 9 hours ago.We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money. Amazon Music HD offers a strong proposition at a good price, which will be tempting enough for many to get on board — particularly Prime Members. However, the competition still pips it for absolute sound quality and music discovery. The best part is the price.


Subscribe to our newsletter. Thankfully the smartphone app is more on par with the competition, due to a more striking purple background and larger artwork that makes it more engaging.

On the homepage, there are clearly marked sections that pick out featured albums and playlists, suggested content based on your previous listening choices and contextual playlists that might be of interest. Exclusive to the smartphone app, Alexa is integrated for voice commands. Finally, the now playing bar along the bottom has all the playback controls you could want, including the ability to throw your music to a connected Echo speaker. You can also expand to see full album artwork, and lyrics are available on most tracks if you fancy a bit of DIY karaoke.

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Related: Best headphones. While streaming services started out as places to stream our favourite artists, they now often form an important part of our music discovery too, with the very best surfacing artists and albums in genres we enjoy that we might not have heard about.

Thankfully the albums chosen for me were better. Not bad then, but Spotify still remains the gold standard for music discovery.

Standard playlists are pretty well curated. Spotify and Tidal offer more by way of exclusive content to tempt users to their platform — but then Amazon has pricing on its side…. With over 60 million songs, I had no issues finding any track I searched for, and also found plenty of tracks available in Ultra HD across genres.

If you play them on non-compatible equipment, the tracks will still play, but their 3D tag will disappear and it will revert back to either HD or UHD as your equipment allows. Related: What is Sony Reality Audio ?

Tracks on Amazon Music HD sound great. The extra musicality offered by Tidal of course comes at a price, but it does make for a more engaging listening experience that the most critical listeners will appreciate — especially those listening on more transparent kit. Each device you listen on will have its own restrictions too, so Sonos and Echo devices will downsample any high-res streams to CD quality, for example.

If you have an Echo speaker, using Alexa to play music through it is easy and effective. Amazon Music HD is a cost-effective way of dipping your toe into the higher quality streaming market, particularly if you are already a Prime member. While podcast and radio fans will want to look elsewhere, the catalogue of music on offer is superb.

The surfacing of high-resolution content is strong too and overall the user experience is a good one, though music discovery could do with some work to bring it in line with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

Critical listeners may find the musicality in playback lacking when compared with Tidal, but for many, the difference in price will be enough to tempt their hand. Verdict Amazon Music HD offers a strong proposition at a good price, which will be tempting enough for many to get on board — particularly Prime Members. However, the competition still pips it for absolute sound quality and music discovery Pros Great music library Easy to use Good value, particularly for Prime members.

Cons Music discovery falls short of the best Some competition is more musical No podcasts or video content. Trusted Score.Amazon Music HD is a bargain for pre-existing Prime members. The app design may not be the most attractive, but it's functional and easy for all users to understand. Just a decade ago, I would spend my weekends sitting between library aisles, thumbing through cracked CD cases to find new music.

With the advent of streaming services, however, the process has been streamlined. While I miss the days of camping out at the library, I revel in the convenience of a virtually endless music library in my pocket.

Amazon Music HD takes this a step further by offering more than 50 million CD-quality songs at a hard-to-resist price.

amazon music hd canada

Amazon Music HD is a high-quality music streaming service and is something Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can easily upgrade to for a small price hike. Since its launch in SeptemberMusic HD has grown in popularity, particularly among the audiophile crowd, and has already accrued 55 million listeners. Related: Amazon Echo Buds review. HD audio streams up to kbps, which is more than double the bitrate of lossy streaming services that cap at kbps. However, this is an oversimplified—and often inaccurate—way to understand quality.

Instead, we have to take file type into account when discussing audio compression. File compression comes in all different flavors and file types, like the MP3 format, to account for human hearing limitations.

Anyone who wants to listen to higher sample rates needs to invest in a DAC that can support those rates. Mac users whose devices are from or later can listen to HD and Ultra HD music from the desktop app.

Android users with a device from or later with Android 5. Basic playback controls are available from the notification shade.

Amazon Music HD is supported on both mobile and desktop; the interfaces for each are very similar, making it easy to switch between the two. Animations like rising and falling volume level bars are overlaid atop a playlist header image on both apps, which may be neat to some. Both apps use an intuitive design language.

Amazon Music HD also provides a set of curated Ultra HD playlists, so you can instantly access hi-res audio files without digging through the app.

Amazon Music HD right displays streaming quality right from the playback screen. Search functionality is similar to Spotify ; once you begin typing, suggestions populate and continue to do so the more you type. It also saves recent searches, which can easily be cleared. When you select to search by playlist, you can filter results by mood and genre. I liked searching by mood as a way of switching up my workout playlist.

In order to make use of Alexa, you have to agree to the terms and conditions which include granting microphone access. I find it fascinating, yet unsurprising, that Google Assistant access is blocked when using the Amazon Music app. In order to ask Google anything, you must first exit the Amazon Music app which can remain running in the background.

The settings menu may be accessed by hitting the three stacked dots in the top-right corner of the screen. Within the menu, you may toggle things like loudness normalization, hands-free Alexa access, automatic downloads, a sleep timer, and more. You can also designate where downloads are stored, be it locally or on an external microSD card. Users can easily create playlists, download music, and view albums from the mobile app.

On the same screen, you can select devices to cast to like the Amazon Echo. You can even view lyrics; and the display syncs up with the song, kind of like karaoke. You can also view song credits; though, the results are disappointing. I commend Tidal for how it encourages subscribers to explore certain song contributors through its credits information, something that Amazon Music lacks.

Within the same menu, you may see what customers who listened to the current song have also shown interest in. This is one of my favorite features, and I wish it were more prominent. Music discovery is easily accessible with the advent of streaming services, and this is a unique way to discover new artists.Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. What's new Search Search.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Latest activity. Log in. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Amazon Music HD Review. Is this the moment where high resolution became the new normal? Review Specs Discussion Hi-Fi Review. Sound Quality Verdict Scores. What is Amazon Music HD? On the face of it, this is not an especially remarkable thing. What Amazon is offering for now at least - more of that in a bit is not new.

What is new is that this is Amazon, a massive, infinitely funded leviathan of a company that exists to compete in the mainstream. Amazon does not, and never has, chased niches. In fact, it is possible to argue that their risk aversion has at times cost them in the face of more dynamic opposition.

Amazon clearly feels that after the best part of twenty years, audio quality is a mainstream argument and this effort is pointed firmly at more mainstream rivals. As someone first and foremost concerned with the reproduction of music in two channels in the best quality possible, the last fifteen years have been pretty tough.

It demonstrated that for decades, the vast majority of people are not concerned by audio quality; an issue masked by the highest performing format often being the most convenient. It is more a reflection that these huge libraries are somewhat illusory. How was Music HD Tested? Sound Quality Before we begin, a note on methodology.

You may argue, perfectly reasonably, that establishing what Amazon Music HD sounds like on a system that leaves little change from fifteen grand is pointless - it would be better to focus on the performance on an Alexa style speaker against Spotify as this will be where the battle will be won or lost.

Even on relatively mainstream equipment, Amazon has the scope to sound better than the compressed rivals. For now at least, Amazon Music HD is not the best service on the market. If you have the money and especially if you have RoonQobuz, in its monthly Studio subscription is still the best out there.

What is more important is this. Out of the box, Amazon Music HD is cheaper than any rival and can run the more bespoke competition close. What this also means is that, much as I fervently want Qobuz to prosper; excellence should be rewarded - this is the equivalent of making it to 32 grand on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? This is the point where lossless audio become something pretty much guaranteed to survive in on demand streaming.

For these slightly disparate but all valid reasons.Find more solutions. Listen to your favorite songs online and choose the subscription that best suits your needs. Amazon Music Free provides free access to top playlists and thousands of stations and includes ads. With Amazon Music Unlimited, you get all of the great features and functionality of Amazon Music Prime and a lot more. To view available subscription plans and pricing, go to Get Amazon Music Unlimited.

While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, we'll use this information to improve our online Help. Digital Services and Device Support. Amazon Music Prime is included with your Amazon Prime membership. Thousands of Stations. Thousands of playlists. Personalized streaming Stations. A growing catalog of songs in 3D on Amazon Echo Studio. A growing list of Alexa- enabled devices. All Amazon Music supported devices.

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Amazon Music HD Setup Tutorial Best Quality Settings Audiophile Guide

Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Supported Echo devices. Yes Note: 3D audio is not available for offline playback. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.If you thought Amazon wasn't serious about music, think again — this value-packed streaming service is up there with the best.

Believe it or not, Amazon has now been in the music streaming business for over a decade. Over the years it has launched a free streaming tier, a stripped-back service for subscribers to Amazon Prime, and an Apple Music and Spotify-rivalling service by the name of Amazon Music Unlimited.

But now the shopping and tech giant has decided to go one step further, taking on the likes of Tidal and Qobuz with its own CD-quality and high-res music streaming service. When you evaluate a music streaming service you tend to take into account three elements besides price — user experience, library of content and, of course, sound quality.

amazon music hd canada

The user experience revolves around the design of the service, how easy it is to use and how easy it is to find music you like. And we can report that Amazon Music HD performs strongly across the board. Borrowing a lot from Amazon Music Unlimited, you can access Amazon Music HD through three different avenues: a web browser, a dedicated desktop app or through a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. This can only be done through the dedicated apps, which is no bad thing.

Browse shows your main home screen, and places various playlists, albums and tracks on display, including a selection of recently played music, recommended radio stations based on artists you like and a number of recommended songs and albums for you to listen to. There are also themed playlists, where relevant, such as Greatest Christmas Songsshould you be in the mood. This is one quirk of the service that deserves a quick explanation.

Presumably it feels that this labelling will prove clearer for a mass audience - and perhaps it's right. The desktop app will even prompt you to change the audio settings on your computer to take advantage of the improved audio quality.

The play bar along the bottom of the desktop app shows track and artist info and includes control icons on the right that allow you to add tracks to your favourites, to a playlist or to your play queue. This involves clicking on your username and then going into Preferences. The Amazon Music mobile app is similarly intuitive and user-friendly. The layout is a condensed version of the desktop app, with tabs at the bottom to flit between the home screen, search, your music collection and Alexa voice search.

Album artwork is bright, colourful and pin-sharp. It takes up half the screen of your mobile, with playback controls taking up the lower section. We also found a huge amount of music in high-res. And, on the whole, tracks on Amazon Music HD sound hugely listenable. Vocals are detailed, clear and expressive. You can aurally isolate every element thanks to the open soundstage and insight on offer.

You can dial in, or just sit back and get funky with this Beatles classic. This is a tricky one to answer. Although TIdal makes a bit more of the rhythm of the track, it also sounds more compressed and less open and lively. It can really vary from track to track. If you've previously been tempted with hi-res streaming but have been put off by the costs involved, Amazon Music HD makes a whole lot of sense, particularly if you're already an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Factor in a more extensive library of CD-quality and hi-res music — and a pleasant user experience — and you've got a serious new contender for the premium music streaming service crown. Best music streaming services free streams to hi-res audio. Tidal Masters review.Example: "width" category filterable, sortable, updatable One of the categories in the table of categories that help classify this resource according to the domain of application.

amazon music hd canada

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